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name:Shaanxi Xima Jindu Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

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First, the introduction of Sima motor maintenance
Shaanxi Xima Jindu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is responsible for underwriting Xima Motor and after-sales service maintenance company under Xi'an Taifu Xima Motor Co., Ltd., providing motor maintenance and repair, capacity enhancement, energy-saving transformation, parts sales and on-site technical support. And many other services, relying on the strong technical and equipment strength of Xi'an Taifu Xima Motor Co., Ltd., using advanced technology, high-quality materials, mature technology, strict quality management and perfect after-sales service system to provide efficient domestic and foreign customers. Quality products and services.
Second, the main business scope
1. Professionally repair all kinds of large and medium-sized, high and low voltage, AC and DC, synchronous, explosion-proof motors and related equipment produced at home and abroad.
2. According to the user's needs, the motor is changed, re-pressed, increased capacity, energy-saving, and structurally modified.
3. Undertake various types of specifications for motor, power distribution cabinet and complete equipment inspection and testing business.
4, according to user needs, provide on-site installation and commissioning, maintenance, inspection and maintenance, energy-saving transformation, system planning.
5. Professionally provide the standard parts used by Sima Motor, and prepare spare parts for all kinds of motors.
Third, the business policy; advocate circular economy, quality and technology first, respect customer needs, provide quality services, abide by integrity and cooperation, and create eternal value.
Fourth, the quality policy: the pursuit of the best quality, build an international brand, continuous innovation and improvement, and enhance customer satisfaction.
V. Service commitment
Pre-sales service: Users can be provided to use the backup machine to ensure that the user's motor does not stop during the maintenance period to reduce losses.
After-sales service: The quality problem occurs during the use of the product. The user immediately receives a clear reply from the user's phone. When the service personnel need to be dispatched, they arrive at the scene for 500 kilometers and 24 hours, 500-1000 kilometers, 48 hours, and more than 1000 kilometers. The company implements a 24-hour after-sales service duty.

Shaanxi Xima Jindu Electromechanical Co., Ltd.


Contact hotline:029-82528493



company address:No. 159, Mingguang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xi'an

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