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YVF2/YVFE2 series variable frequency speed control motor

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YJTG series variable frequency speed motor model description
Sima motor takes YJTG200L1-6 as an example: YJTG indicates the motor model; 200 indicates the center height (mm); L indicates the base length code; 1 indicates the core length code; and 6 indicates the motor pole number.
Motor overview
    Sima YJTG series variable frequency speed regulation three-phase asynchronous motor is a new generation of variable frequency speed regulating motor developed on the basis of adapting to market needs, introducing advanced foreign technology and summarizing the experience of YJT series variable frequency speed regulating motor.
    In terms of electromagnetic design, the stator, rotor slot and winding form, connection method, etc. are adjusted to adapt to the power supply of the inverter, and it can not only ensure the overload capability of the motor at high frequencies, but also Maintain constant torque output at low frequencies. In terms of structural design, the installation size is the same as that of the Y series motor. Except for the small length, the other dimensions are the same as those of the Y series motor, and the interchangeability is strong, which is convenient for users to use. This series of Simma inverter motors adopts independent axial flow fan forced ventilation to ensure that the motor has good cooling effect in the whole frequency range, and the temperature rise does not exceed the specified value.
    YJTG series variable frequency speed regulation three-phase asynchronous motor and variable frequency device constitute the speed control system. Compared with other speed control methods, the energy saving effect is remarkable, the speed regulation performance is good, the speed regulation range is wide, the noise is low, the vibration is small, and it can be compared with domestic The characteristics of various external frequency converters can be widely used in constant torque and constant power speed regulation in light industry, textile, chemical, metallurgy, machine tool and other industries, as well as energy-saving speed regulation of fans and pumps, which is helpful to achieve Automatic control of the speed control system.
    The 4-pole motor of Sima YJTG series motor complies with the requirements of JB/T7118-93 of "Small-scale variable-voltage variable-speed speed-regulating motor and power supply technical conditions". Other pole motors comply with IEC34-1 and also comply with GB/T755. .
Conditions of Use
    1. The altitude does not exceed 1000m.
    2. The ambient air temperature varies with the season, but does not exceed 40 °C, and the minimum does not exceed -15 °C.
    3. The average wet humidity of the wettest month is 90%, and the monthly minimum temperature of the month is not higher than 25 °C.
Main technical performance and technical parameters
    1. The motor is a continuous working system.
    2. The rated voltage is 380V and the rated frequency is 50HZ. The voltage and frequency of the rated point can also be determined according to user requirements.
    3. The insulation grade is F grade.
    4, H80-255 center height, 5-50HZ for constant torque speed regulation, H250-355 center height, 3-50HZ for constant torque speed regulation, 50-100HZ for constant power speed regulation. The high frequency range can also be determined according to user requirements.
    5. Strong overload capability.
    6, low speed performance is good.
    7, 280 and below frame number is Y connection, 315 355 is △ connection method.

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