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Working together to meet difficulties and continuously expand the remanufacturing maintenance business

As the company's external window department, the customer service department keeps pace with the company's development. The department's internal and external personnel unify their thinking and unity, improve work efficiency, improve service levels, and further expand the remanufacturing and repair business.
        Recently, the customer service department took the initiative to continuously expand the service impact, contracted a number of motor repair business and user on-site motor maintenance and maintenance projects, and the remanufacturing and maintenance business continued to expand. There are more than 20 sets of H560, H710 large DC motors and H710 high voltage motors of Hancheng Longgang, Mingfu Steel, Huaxin Special Steel and Northwest Heavy Duty Company in the factory. In the face of increased workload, some motor repairs are complicated, department leaders Working with employees to make timely and effective maintenance plans. In order to complete the task on time, the department timely adjusted some of the field personnel to return to the factory to assist in maintenance. The maintenance staff often gave up the rest, worked overtime to ensure that the quality and quantity of various motors were completed according to the maintenance progress, and delivered to the user in time to ensure customer satisfaction.


 The external maintenance and repair project has completed the maintenance of more than 60 sets of motors, fans and compressors for the on-site equipment of Beijing Hekang Frequency Conversion Company, North Shaanxi Beiyuan Chemical Industry, Inner Mongolia Thermal Power Plant and Shaanxi Beizhi Thermal Power Plant. All the processes of maintenance, installation and commissioning are handled by our company. The users require tight schedules and heavy tasks. The service personnel on the site are brave enough to fight hard, and carry forward the spirit of hard work and hard work. In order to complete the tasks on time, they often pick up lights and night battles. Deeply moved the user. Shaanxi Huahao New Energy Co., Ltd. successively praised the quality of the on-site maintenance and maintenance of our company. After completing the maintenance of 8 high-voltage motors in the first phase, we signed a maintenance contract with 26 sets of low-voltage explosion-proof motors. Minister Zhang went to Indonesia to provide technical support to the user site, and timely solved the fault of the TK1600-4 large synchronous motor, which was well received by users. With the joint efforts of the department personnel, the motor maintenance and installation and commissioning work of some projects have been successfully completed, and the equipment is put into operation as scheduled. At present, the motor maintenance work of users of Zhangjiagang Power Plant and Yongshou Power Plant is in full swing.


 Customer service work always adheres to the concept of "customer first, service with heart", and strives to temper the after-sales service department into a service team that "reassures the company, makes users satisfied, and makes the public trust", continuously expands the remanufacturing and repair business, and expands the service impact. Strengthen the technical output to meet customer needs to the greatest extent, improve customer satisfaction and the brand image of Cima Motor, so as to develop and progress together with our customers.

Shaanxi Xima Jindu Electromechanical Co., Ltd.


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company address:No. 159, Mingguang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xi'an

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