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Z4 series DC motor

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First, Sima motor Z4 series DC motor overview
    Z4 series DC motor: The center height is 100-355mm, which is the standard series small DC motor specified by the mechanical industry standard JB/T6316-92 "Z4 series DC motor technical conditions" of the People's Republic of China; the center height is 400-450mm except the standard series. Expansion of Z4 DC motor; center height of 500 ~ 710mm is a newly developed medium-sized DC motor. This series of motors can be widely used in metallurgical industry rolling mills, metal cutting machine tools, paper making, dyeing and weaving, printing, cement, plastic extrusion machinery and other industrial sectors. Sima Motor official website:
    The Z4 series DC motor has greater advantages than the Z2 and Z3 series. It can be powered not only by the DC unit power supply, but also for the static rectification power supply. Moreover, the moment of inertia is small, has good dynamic performance, and can withstand high load change rate, and is especially suitable for a control system that requires smooth speed regulation, high efficiency, automatic steady speed, and responsiveness, and has the international advanced level.
   The rating of the motor is continuous continuous rating. In areas where the altitude does not exceed 1000 m and the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 °C, the motor can be rated for operation according to the data in the technical data sheet. This series of motors uses Class F insulation. Sima Motor official website:
    The power range of Z4 series DC motors ranges from 1.5kW to 840kW. There are nine kinds of rated speeds of 3000, 1500, 1000, 750, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200r/min. The excitation mode is separately excited and the excitation voltage is 180V. In addition to the above specified levels, other power, armature voltage, speed and excitation voltage values can be derived depending on the specific situation and the needs of the user. Sima Motor Products:
   A motor with a rated voltage of 160V is usually operated with a reactor in the case of a single-phase bridge rectifier. The inductance of the external reactor is indicated on the motor nameplate. Motors with a rated voltage of 440V do not require an external reactor.

   The performance of this series of motors not only meets the national standard GB/T755 "Basic Technical Requirements for Rotating Electric Machines", but also basically conforms to the German VDE0530 standard.
Model meaning: Z4-280-11B, Z means DC motor, 4 means 4 series, 280 means motor center height (mm), the first 1 means the core length serial number, the second 1 means the front end cover number, 1 is the short end Cover, 2 is the long end cover, B indicates the compensation winding.
Note: For the Z4-112/2-1 model, the first digit after “/” represents the pole number, and the second digit represents the core length number.
Second, Sima motor Z4 series DC motor structure
(1) Basic structure Sima high voltage motor:
The Z4 series DC motor adopts an octagonal full laminated structure, which not only has high space utilization, but also can withstand pulsating current and rapid load current change when powered by a static rectifier.
Z4 series DC motors generally do not have series excitation windings, which are suitable for automatic control technology that requires forward and reverse rotation. It can also be made with series excitation winding according to user needs. The motor with a center height of 100 to 280 mm has no compensation winding, but the motor with a center height of 250 mm and 280 mm can be made with a compensation winding according to the specific conditions and needs. The motor with a center height of 315 to 450 mm has a compensation winding.
The shape and technical requirements of the motor with a center height of 500-710mm are in line with the IEC international standard, and the mechanical dimensional tolerance of the motor conforms to the ISO international standard.
(2) Cooling method and structure, installation form
IC06: External ventilation with blower;
ICl7: the cooling air inlet is a pipe, and the outlet is a blind window exhausting;
IC37: that is, the cooling air inlet and outlet are pipelines;
IC611: fully enclosed air/air cooler; Sima high voltage motor:
ICW37A86: Fully enclosed air/water cooler.
And there are a variety of derivative forms, such as self-venting type, with axial fan type, closed type, air/air cooler type. See Table 1 for the cooling air volume, wind pressure, and fan motor power required for each frame motor. The basic protection level of the whole series of motors is IP21S. This article is reproduced from:

Table 1

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The installation form of this series of motors complies with the provisions of GB/T997 "Motor Structure Installation Type and Code". The installation dimensions of the motor are in accordance with the IEC standard except for the axial distance of the foot hole (B size).
   The position of the motor outlet box is viewed from the drive end (non-commutator end) on the right side of the base (ie, the positive box). If the user requests the outlet box to be placed on the other side of the base, the reverse box is indicated when ordering. The basic output shaft of the motor is a single shaft extension, and the direction of the exit axis of the outlet box (the positive box) is the left exit shaft. Double shaft extension can also be made if required by the user. The basic direction of rotation of the shaft is viewed counterclockwise from the end of the commutator. The transmission mode of the motor is a flexible coupling, and it can also be used for a certain radial force transmission (belt or gear transmission). This article is reproduced from:
(3). Motor accessories
   According to the needs of the user, the motor can be designed to be attached to the structure of the tachogenerator, pulse generator, centrifugal switch and brake. The specific requirements can be negotiated with the factory.
   Note: The specifications, power and field weakening speed range in the technical data sheet are for reference only. In order to continuously adopt new technologies and new materials, the data in the table will change.
Third, Sima motor Z4 series DC motor ordering instructions
    1. Please check the product samples before ordering, determine the model specifications and other data of the required products, and select the standard specifications listed in the sample as much as possible. Please indicate the model, power, voltage, rotation speed and excitation of the motor in the order contract. Data such as mode, excitation voltage and structural installation form, such as Z4-180-31 37kW 400V 1000r/min, 180V, horizontal with foot or IMB3. Sima Motor official website:
    2. When there are special requirements for the product, such as the double shaft extension, the position of the outlet box and the reverse rotation of the shaft, etc., it must be clearly indicated in the contract. Sima Motor Products:
    3. If the required variety specifications are listed in this sample, or when there are other special requirements, the contract or trial production agreement shall be signed after mutual agreement. This article is reproduced from:
    4. All kinds of products except the shaft extension keys of the motor, all accessories are not included in the scope of supply, if users need accessories or spare parts, such as brushes, brush holders, etc., please indicate in advance the required accessories or spare parts in the contract. Name specifications and quantity.
    5. If the use environment is special, it needs to be made into wet tropical type. Please indicate “TH” after the original model.
Note: Sima Motor official website:
(1) Due to the large gap between the quality, production process and after-sales service of various brands of motors, resulting in a large disparity between the prices of various brands, it is hoped that customers will carefully compare and select high-quality and low-cost motor products. Don't just focus on the price and ignore the motor product itself.
(2) The recent market price fluctuates greatly. The price information of this product is valid for one month. If there is no special explanation, the price will remain unchanged. Please ask the customers to take the time to order, and they will not be responsible for the expiration.
Fourth, Sima motor Z4 series DC motor quality assurance, after-sales, maintenance statement:
    Thank you for choosing the products of Xi'an Taifu Xima Motor Co., Ltd. "Quality-oriented, customer first" is our company's consistent aim. Over the years, with the support of our customers, through our joint efforts, Xima brand motors have been rated as “Quality Products”, “China Famous Brand Products”, “National Inspection-Free Products” and “China Famous” for many times. "Trademark" honorary title, here, my company expresses heartfelt thanks to our customers! In order to let you get faster and more satisfied service, the quality policy of "pursuing excellent quality, creating international brand, continuous innovation and improvement, and enhancing customer satisfaction" and "sincere, caring, heartfelt, and sima always use the heart" "Heart" service concept, as well as: the use of integrity services to create customers with the peace of mind to choose the "service purposes, according to the specific circumstances of our company to make commitments to our customers:
1, product quality
    The company promises that all series of products meet international, national standards, machinery industry standards, corporate standards, and meet the quality requirements of the user contract. All products are produced under the effective operation of GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, and promise that the products provided are brand new and unused, from raw materials to finished products. And perfect inspection. Sima Motor official website:
2. After sales service
    The quality problem occurred during the trial use of the product. We immediately made a clear reply to the user after receiving the notification from the user: when the service personnel need to be dispatched, within 500 km, arrive at the scene within 24 hours, within 500-1000 km, 48 hours. Arrived at the scene, more than 1000 kilometers, arrived within 56 hours (except for irresistible factors). Our company's after-sales service department implements a 24-hour duty system.
3. User training
    According to user requirements. The company can provide free training for users to ensure that the trainees can correctly use all of our products. Sima Motor Products:
4. Warranty period Sima Motor Products:
    When the user correctly tests and stores the motor according to the instructions in the instruction manual, it can ensure that the motor can operate well within one year of use or the self-company departure date is less than two years. During the time specified, if the motor is damaged due to poor manufacturing quality or does not work properly, our company repairs or replaces parts or motors for the user without compensation.

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