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Z series DC motor

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Z series medium-sized DC motor; center height 355~710mm is the newly developed medium-sized DC motor after the development of Z4 series small DC motor. The performance, shape installation size and technical requirements of this series of motors are in line with JB/9577- 1999 standard and IEC international standards, the mechanical dimensions and tolerances of motors comply with ISO international standards.
    This series of motors can be widely used in various industrial sectors such as metallurgical industry rolling mills, metal cutting machine tools, paper making, dyeing and weaving, printing, cement, plastic extrusion machinery.
    This series of motors adopts advanced design, and the stator base adopts a polygonal lamination structure, which makes full use of space and has the advantages of small size, light weight and good performance. The stator yoke, magnetic pole and armature core are laminated by high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, which have good magnetic permeability. The entire stator and rotor are treated with a vacuum-free varnish (VPl), which provides good moisture resistance and mechanical strength, and excellent insulation and thermal conductivity. This series of motors adopts rolling bearings, non-stop refueling structure, and the insulation grade is H grade.
    This series of motors can be powered not only by the DC unit power supply, but also by the static rectification power supply. Moreover, the moment of inertia is small, only has good dynamic performance, and can withstand a high load change rate, and is particularly suitable for a control system that requires smooth speed regulation, high efficiency, automatic steady speed, and responsiveness.

Sima motor structure installation type, protection level and cooling method
    1. The installation type of this series of DC motors complies with GB/T997 and IEC34-7 "Motor Structure and Installation Type Code".
    2. The protection level of this series of motors is in accordance with GB/T4942.1 and IEC34-5 "Motor enclosure protection classification" standards.
The enclosure protection grades are IP23 and 1P44.
    3. The cooling method of this series of motors is based on the following four standards according to GB/T1993 and IEC34-6 "Motor Cooling Method". Users can negotiate other levels of protection and cooling methods. The standard type of cooling air inlet for this series of motors is at the drive end of the motor (non-commutator end).
  3.1.IC06: External ventilation with blower: (Protection class IP23).
  3.2.IC17: The cooling air inlet is the pipeline; the outlet is the louver exhaust; (protection is IP23).
  3.3.IC37: The cooling air inlet and outlet are all pipes; (protection level is 1P44).
  3.4. ICW37A86: Fully enclosed air/water cooler. (The degree of protection is IP44).
Z medium DC motor operating conditions:
    1. The rated power of a Z medium-sized DC motor is such that the altitude does not exceed 1000 meters and the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 °C.
    2. The armature circuit and the excitation circuit of this series of motors are all adapted to the power supply of the thyristor power supply, and are also adapted to be powered by the DC generator set.
    3. This series of motor working environment is not suitable for acid, alkaline or other gases that are corrosive to insulation.
    4. The motor can be installed in harsh environments. However, the correct cooling method and degree of protection must be chosen to protect the motor from normal operation.
    5. Motors used in ships and wet tropical areas and in working environments with salt spray, moisture, etc., should be agreed separately.
    6. When the motor is powered by a static rectification power supply, the number of pulses of the rectifier should be no less than 6. At the rated base speed, rated voltage and rated load current, the peak ripple factor of the power supply does not exceed 10%.
Z medium DC motor model description:
       Z: DC motor (product series code)
XXX: Motor center height, expressed in millimeters
X1: Distance code between the bottom hole axes (B size), from short to long with numbers 1, 2, 3...
X2: motor category code, with letters A and B representing the first and second types of motors
Z medium DC motor product performance
1. The basic working mode of this series of motors is continuous load. If other working methods are required, they should be agreed separately;
2. The standard rated voltage of this series of motors is 220V, 330V, 440V, 550V, 660V, 750V. It can also be used to derive other grades of voltage, which must be agreed upon when ordering.
3. The basic excitation mode of this series of motors is separately excited, and the basic excitation voltage is: 220V. Other excitation voltages can also be derived. This series of motors allows for forced excitation, and the excitation voltage must not exceed 500V. When the excitation is strong, the excitation current can slightly exceed the rated excitation current. After the excitation current is stabilized, the rated excitation current value must not be exceeded.
4. Short-term overload capability of this series of motors:

Occasionally, the short-term overload capability refers to the ability to withstand or exceed the continuous rated load within one minute in an emergency. It is recommended that the instantaneous breaking device be disconnected according to the occasional short-term overload capability. .
Frequently used short-term overload capability refers to the ability of the motor to repeatedly withstand the rated load as part of the normal duty cycle.
After a short-time overload operation, it must be operated lightly so that the load rms value of the motor throughout the load cycle does not exceed its continuous rating.
The second type of motor (Class B) shall withstand the following continuous loads:
Continuous operation with a 115% rated power load within the rated armature voltage and rated speed range. Under this load, the temperature rise will be higher and other characteristics may differ from the operating conditions under rated conditions.
Within the rated armature voltage and rated speed range, after continuous operation of the rated load, followed by a load of 125% of rated power for 2 hours, the temperature rise does not exceed the specified value, other characteristics may be different from the operating conditions under rated conditions.
The motor allows for a longer overload time at lower overload multiples. For the second type of gravity motor (Class B), the overload factor is allowed to reach 2.5 times (at the rated base) for occasional use, and the time is less than 15 seconds (but need to negotiate with the manufacturer)
5. Speed adjustment rate:
The speed adjustment rate of this series of motors is not specified. If users have special requirements, they should be agreed upon when ordering.

6. Current change rate:
The current rate of change (di/df) of this series of motors is allowed to reach 200 times rated current per second at all speeds and loads.
7. Noise vibration:
The noise of this series of motors complies with GB/T10069 "Measurement Method and Limits of Rotating Motor Noise" and EIC34-9 "Motor Noise Limitation Standard".
This series of motor vibrations meet the requirements of GB/T10068 "Rotating Motor Vibration Measurement Methods and Limits" and IEC34-14 "Motor Vibration Test Methods and Limits".
Z series DC motor after-sales service:
This product is produced according to relevant national standards and the warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, if there is a quality problem, after receiving the user's notice, immediately make a clear reply on how to handle it; when the service personnel need to be dispatched, within 500 km, arrive at the scene within 24 hours, within 500-1000 km, and arrive at the scene in 48 hours. More than 1000 kilometers, 56 hours to arrive at the scene (except for irresistible factors)
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It is recommended to note the following information when shooting:
Installation method: IMB3 (horizontal, horizontal installation), IMB5 (vertical), IMB35 (vertical and horizontal), etc.
Rated voltage: low voltage motor: 380V, 660V, 380V/660V, etc.
          High voltage motor: 6000V; 10000V, etc.
Rated frequency: commonly used for 50HZ,
Protection level: IP44, IP54, IP55;
Z series DC motor delivery date:
Xi'an Sima motor, due to different product structure, low-voltage 2P-200kw, 4P-315kw, 6-200kw motor are available from stock. The order cycle of other low-voltage motors is 30 days at the earliest, and the maximum speed of high-voltage motors is 50 days. When ordering, the motor contract is attached. The contract is valid for the contract, and the balance is paid before delivery.
Z series DC motor other instructions:
1.Because other channels sell at the same time, please confirm whether it is in stock or delivery cycle before the shoot. If Want Want is not online, please call: 18182688890 Manager Zhao
2. Due to the heavy weight of the product, the default logistics mode is transported by car or other logistics methods and only arrives at the pick-up point of the freight department. Buyers need to pick it up. If you need to deliver the goods to your door, please ask for it.

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